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Releases Water as Your Dog Licks

The stainless steel Pet Water Bottle releases water as your dog licks. It is the ideal bottle for carrying water for your dogs, while out on your walks. 

Unlike humans, dogs cannot sweat, and therefore need a regular supply of water to avoid dehydration. It's very important to ensure your dogs have water available whenever you're out. The Long Paws Pet Water Bottles are the best dog bottles available. They can drink straight from the bottle, and most dogs take to it straight away.

Your dog simply licks the top of the Pet Water Bottle and the bottle releases a flow of water. The bottle releases just enough water for one sip at a time, so there's less waste. You only need to carry the one bottle for your dog - no need for a bowl and none of the leaky plastic water bottles. 

  • releases water as your dog licks

  • made from stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, so they are hygienic, and contain no harmful chemicals

  • they are easy to clean

  • they are leak-proof and won't drip in your bag

  • the bottles also offer a fun and interactive way for your dogs to drink​

  • available in 250ml, 500ml, and 750ml sizes

The bottle is perfect for the outdoors, walks, camping trips, pet shows, exercise days, and even grooming days.  They are also great if you are on a bicycle (or even on a horse) - you can give your dog water without having to hop off.  The Pet Water Bottles are available in three sizes and in a range of colours and designs.

Bottle Range

How Does the Pet Water Bottle Work?​

This cleverly designed dog bottle features a patented floating ball in the nozzle that dispenses water as the dog licks.  When the dog bottle is turned upside down, the weight of the water pushes the stainless steel ball down blocking the water from flowing out.  When the dog touches the ball, its' tongue pushes the ball up and releases a flow of the water.  It's all about lick 'n flow.

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What else makes them different from other dog bottles?


In addition to the patented rolling ball, our dog bottle is made from stainless steel.  It has a large opening making it easy to clean and refill and can also take ice cubes to keep the water cool.  Both the spout and the cap are made from a BPA free, food-grade quality, FDA specified polypropylene, meaning it's healthy for your dog and for the environment.


​Another unique factor is that with most flasks, the cap screws into the mouthpiece, which exposes the contents to the elements.  The dog bottle cap fits over the drinking spout, protecting it.  And for convenience, the cap is connected to the dog bottle by a cord, allowing the user to leave it hanging without fear of losing or dropping it.

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Still wondering how the dog bottle works?
Watch this!


Pet Water Bottle Features​


• Works on a patented lick 'n flow system - releases water as the dog licks

• Available in a range of designs that make them the perfect gifts for dog lovers   and their practicality makes them the perfect gift for dogs too​

• Free from BPA’s (see below for more details) - both the dog bottle spout and the cap are made from BPA-free, food-grade quality, FDA specified polypropylene

• Stainless steel dog bottle (more hygienic than aluminium or plastic)

• Avoids water spills and prevents waste

• Leak resistant caps

• Removable top spout making it easy to clean and refill

Karabiner clip attaches to your bag or belt

• Cord keeps cap attached

• Pet water bottle is available in 3 sizes: 250ml, 500ml, and 750ml


250ml - 7 cm (diameter); 14.0 cm (height); 110 g (weight)

500ml - 7 cm (diameter); 20.5 cm (height); 160 g (weight)

750ml - 7 cm (diameter); 26.5 cm (height); 205 g (weight)


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