LIFETIME QUALITY GUARANTEE | Long Paws Guaranteed High Quality Dog Accessories

Long Paws Guaranteed
At Long Paws, we are so proud of the quality of our products, that we offer a lifetime manufacture warranty against material and construction defects. If you have a problem with one of our products, please return it to the original place of purchase.

We do not guarantee the products against wear and tear, biting, chewing, or other abuse. The guarantee applies to all "Long Paws" branded products sold by us out of our UK warehouses.

If you purchased it directly from us or you unable to return it to your original supplier, email us at with:

  • the details of the product;
  • your order / receipt number;
  • and details of the problem you are having.


Please include photographic (or video) evidence of the problem so we can understand and better resolve it for you. We may also ask you to return the product to us so we can assess the problem and ensure it does not occur in the future.

Lifetime - lifetime means the useful life of the product. We do not place a time limit on that life. It is regarded as the time until the product's wear and tear renders that product no longer usable. We guarantee that the parts continue to function as they are designed to function, with the exception of ceasing to function due to the natural wear and tear on the product. Different products will have different useful life spans. These are affected by the amount of use, type of use, and the conditions and the environment in which they are used.