Private Label


Looking to Develop a Range of Products in Your OWN BRAND?


Long Paws is a leader in developing Private Label products - we work with you to produce custom products, own branded to your own design. This includes producing fully custom items, our products made with your printed fabrics, promotional products and white labelled items for resale.


Using our years of experience in developing products in our own brand and also in private label brands for our clients, we are able to help retailers and brand owners bring their own designs to the market. We understand what is required to take a product from initial concept to finished product, and we are able to offer that service to our customers. We have worked with several brands to help design and to produce their own branded range of pet products, allowing them to go to market with their own label accessory line.

Our customers have included top end UK retail stores, brewery and confectionery brands, pet-care brands, Instagram influencers with their own brands, as well as pet brands and other startup businesses. We understand what it takes to grow an idea into a finished product. This allows us to work collaboratively with brand owners, retailers and factories, to help turn concepts into reality. We can also offer guidance on industry trends, materials, and product packaging.

We understand and respect our clients' confidentiality needs and ensure secrecy is of the highest priority.


Private Label Accessories - Own Brand Dog Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses

Using our Private Label capabilities, we are able to help brands launch their own label range of collars, leashes, and harnesses, as well as poo bag pouches and bandanas. We will guide you to help you produce the designs and evolve your range. We currently produce Private Label products like these for a number of high street brands, and instagram influencer brands. Our Gold and Rose Gold collection includes collars, leashes and harnesses, and can be produced in a range of colours and using a variety of materials, including canvas, polyester, nylon, and a gorgeous waterproof rubberised material. Our printed collections can be produced in your own design, with fabric patterns and artwork that you provide. 

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Branded or Private Label Dog Water Bottles

We offer two services for companies interested in branded pet water bottles:

  1. Using our 250ml, 500ml, or 750ml Silver or Black coloured Dog Water Bottles, we are able to provide our bottles with your company logo or design embedded. (available for small volumes)

  2. Alternately we are able to produce the bottle using an entirely customised design of your own. This can be any pattern or any colour (available for large volumes only).


Own Branded Water Bottles and Drinkware for Humans

In addition to dog accessories, we can also offer stainless steel thermos flasks for humans. Our preference is a 500ml double walled vacuum-sealed bottle that keeps your drink extra cold, and the double walled vacuum-sealed insulated coffee cups to keep hot drinks extra hot.

These are ideal products for humans while outdoors with their dogs.