Look After Pets on Fireworks Night

Elan Mansur

What to do for your Pets on Guy Fawkes Weekend 

Guy Fawkes weekend is an exciting one for most people, but for our pets its a confusing and scary time. Many pets find themselves terrified by the fireworks, while some end up running away trying to escape the noise and not knowing how to get back home.

We have a few recommendations for the taking care of your pets during the fireworks season.

1. Keep your pets indoors.  Leave windows closed and shut cat flaps to stop cats heading out, and draw the curtains.  Also be sure to shut your dog / cat in a room before opening the front door. They may dart out.

2. Double-check the tags and make sure your furry friends are wearing them.

3. Throw a blanket over bird or small animal cages to dampen the noise. You can do the same for your dogs - make a covered den for them to hide in.

4. Leave the TV / music playing to drown out some of the noise.

5. For dogs, swathing them (as you would a baby) can help keep them calm. You can buy a coat designed specifically for this, or you can put on a dog sweater / raincoat / harness (with a breast plate), or wrap them in a blanket or towel to keep them cozy.

6. If you're going out and leaving your pets alone, you could leave an unwashed piece of clothing like a woolly jumper so that your dog can smell your scent and feel comfortable.

7. Walk your dog a little earlier in the evening and of course avoid places likely to have big firework displays.

8. Make sure there is water in the bowl.

Take care, and please key an eye on your furry friends. They'd do the same for you.

With love from
The Long Paws Team

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