Long Paws Launches TickPick in Support of WVS

Elan Mansur
Long Paws, the London based pet accessory brand, has just announced that their long-awaited TickPick is now available.  Long Paws developed TickPick as a tick remover that can be carried on a keychain and is always available and at the ready.  The TickPick tick remover is shaped like a key and sits comfortably and inconspicuous with the rest of your keys.

TickPick was developed with the help of the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS).  WVS is an international charity that:

 - provides rapid veterinary response to disaster/emergency situations;
 - sends veterinary aid parcels to places they are needed;
 - provides life-saving volunteer resources to animal welfare charities and non-profit organisations; and
 - offers training and education to local vets and animal workers.

WVS assisted Long Paws by testing TickPick both on the smaller European ticks as well as the larger ticks found in third world countries.  According to James Florence, managing director of WVS, “We are delighted to have worked with Long Paws on developing TickPick, and are happy to provide our endorsement of what we think is a fantastic product.  With ticks becoming more of a problem in the UK and on the continent, a tool like TickPick that is always at the ready, is an excellent addition to every pet owner’s keychain.”

While ticks have always been a problem in Europe, we are seeing a growing number of ticks, as well as an increase in ticks that are carrying diseases.  Cases of diseases such Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis in both pets and humans appear to be rising.  Groups such as Lyme Disease Action (in the UK) have been championing the case and working to raise awareness of the risks involved with tick borne diseases.  Carrying a tick remover, whether walking with your pet, hiking, or playing outdoor sports, is highly recommended.

“TickPick is a fantastic product to help in the fight against tick-borne diseases, as it can be available on your keychain at all times, and is a simple and safe way of removing ticks.  We will be donating a share of the profits from all TickPicks sold to WVS, and are very excited to be able to support the Worldwide Veterinary Service.  We look forward to seeing more of the amazing work WVS is able to perform with the additional funds TickPick will introduce”, says Elan Mansur, director of Long Paws.

TickPick can be used to remove ticks from humans and pets of all kinds, including dogs, cats, small animals and horses.  TickPick will be supplied to the pet and outdoor trade in 25-unit display packs, and is available for sale through Long Paws (www.longpaws.co.uk).  Contact us for more details.


Elan Mansur
Director, Long Paws
+44 (0)203 794 2667/8

James Florence
Managing Director, Worldwide Veterinary Service
+44 (0)1725 557 225