Going on Holiday & Not Sure What To Pack For Your Dog?

Elan Mansur

It's Easter time, and everyone's getting ready for a road trip. Of course most of you will be taking our dogs away with you, so what of ours do you need to pack?





Going to the countryside or spending time around animals?

This has always been one of our favourite types of holiday. But make sure you're ready to deal with any ticks you come across. TickPick fits inconspicuously on your keychain and is always ready to help you remove ticks. It's also a very helpful as a multi-tool. I love mine and use it all the time.

Are you going walking or hiking or will you just be out in the sunshine?

Carry water for your dog is crucial, and our Pet Water Bottles are the simplest way for carrying and dispensing. The bottle releases a sip of water with each lick. Dogs learn to use it easily, it's hygienic, strong, and reduces waste.

Travelling By Car?

It's really important to keep your dogs secured in the car and could save you a hefty fine too. Unless you want to confine your dog to a crate (which we hate), you can use our Traffic Leash to tether your dog. Simply slip the car safety belt through the short handle of the leash, and buckle up. The leash can then be attached preferably to a car harness if you have one, or to another suitable harness. 

Planning on just hanging out?

If you'd like a collar, leash, or harness set for your dog to head out in, we've got you covered. From reflective, to padded, to extra safe and secure, our range has got something for you. 

So if you were in need of any more reason to shop our range, these should help, and with the Long Paws Quality Guarantee, you have nothing to worry about.