The Traffic Lead is a short dog leash designed both for keeping dogs under close control in tight environments, and for keeping dogs securely tethered and legally when in the car.

Car Tether | Dog Safety Belt | Traffic Leash | Short Dog Leash | Traffic Lead 

Long Paws Traffic Leash / Seat Belt Attachment


Leash Features:

  • A strong a secure leash for the car, with a locking clip for extra safety
  • A short handle for control in tight traffic
  • Padded handle for comfort
  • Locking karabiner-style clip
  • Swivel action to avoid twisting
  • Safety latch to prevent accidental run-aways
  • Easy on karabiner style clip
  • Reflective: 3M Scotchlight material for visibility in low light
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE against material and construction defects
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