Trig Point Collar Size Chart

Measuring for your dog for a collar:

  • Ensure your dog is standing still
  • Measure using a fabric tape measure or string
  • Measure the neck line at the base of the neck
  • You should then be able to fit 1 to 2 fingers inside the collar, for your dog to be comfortable


    To Fit Dog's Neck Size   Collar Width
    XS 23-32 cm / 9-12.5 in, dogs up to 5kg  1.5 cm


    32-38cm / 12.5-15indogs up to 17kg

    2.0 cm


    36-44cm / 14.5-17.5indogs up to 32kg

    2.0 cm


    42-60cm / 16.5-24indogs up to 41kg



    Note: If your dog's neck size overlaps two sizes, then unless you expect your dog to continue growing, the smaller of the two sizes is probably the better choice for your dog.