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If I had to pick a favourite product, this may just be it. I have no problem picking up my dogs poop, but I really do not enjoy walking around holding the bag until I find a poop bin. That's where Poop Porter was born.

Poop Porter is a lightweight caddy, that attaches to your leash or bag, and holds the knotted end of a used poop bag, leaving your hands free to do whatever they want, other than holding the poop. It can easily hold two full poop bags at a time, and that include those from the big dogs. 

Poop Porter has a second hole for carrying a few new poop bags too. Poop Porter takes the pain out of walking around carrying your dogs used poop bag in your hand.

Our Poop Porter is the ORIGINAL flexible used poo bag caddy, We take pride in that our idea has been copied by dozens of factories and hundreds of resellers - it reminds us what a great job we're doing of designing new and unique products for our customers.








I received the products and they are amazing. I will be trying them out over this week. 

Annabelle, Apr 2022