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Strong, Secure, & Reflective Dog Accessories

Urban Trek Red

As an Urban dog, you're a special breed. You like the hustle and bustle of the big city, traveling on the trains and buses, and hopping around the local neighborhoods. But you also like the great outdoors, and hopefully getting to trek around the open spaces and big parks that city life craves. That's why you need to be wearing Long Paws Urban Trek.

The Urban Trek collection offers the best of both worlds. Soft and comfortable for you to wear and for whoever's got your lead, to hold. The range is tough, washable, and water-resistant. And when you're out trekking the pavements or crossing the street, Urban Trek's 3M reflective fabric will make sure that you and your favourite person shine brightly in the car headlights.

The range is also available in a gorgeous neon yellow that helps you be seen whenever you try and hide in the dark.