Top 10 Fun Things to do with Your Dog This Spring

Elan Mansur
Gone are the dark days of winter when you spend more time bundling yourself up for that dog walk than you spend trudging through the snow with your eager-to-play fur baby. Spring is officially here, and we’ve got 10 fun ways to refresh your daily doggy routine that will keep your pup entertained all the way through summer.

1.    Dog park play dates
Spring begs for fun in the sun and on the newly grown grass. Take your pup to the dog park so he or she can catch up with pawed pals while you do your own “Finally, it’s spring!” socialising.

2. Have a fetching afternoonOnce the spring thaw melts the snow and ice that so easily rubs your pup’s paws raw, grab the doggy tennis ball and play a game of fetch until your dog drops from happy exhaustion.

3. Spring time is a beach, baby!
Our carefree canines can’t control themselves when faced with seemingly endless miles of sand and surf. The beach is the idyllic place to spend that spring break — your furry mate can run and romp to his heart’s delight while you get started on that tan.
4. Scale tall mountains in a single bound (or a few miles)
One of the greatest pleasures in a dog’s life is connecting with nature, particularly on hikes through terrain teeming with wild smells, lots of trees and little creatures running amok. While you’re at it, you’ll both get some fresh air and plenty of exercise. 
5. Run, run like the wind
If you love to run as much as your pup, there’s no better time to tie up your running shoes than right now. Be sure to keep your pawed pal on a leash to protect him or her from cars when you’re running through heavily trafficked areas. You can even give your running more purpose by registering for the nearest dog-friendly fun-run.
6. Dog agility is all the rage
Our canines thrive on mental and physical stimulation. Sign your pup up for agility training this spring and satisfy their craving for mind-body challenges while making you a proud pup mom or dad.

7. Grab your gear and your pup and go camping
Spring is a great time to introduce camping to your furry best friend. Find dog-friendly campsites, take plenty of treats and make sure there’s room in the tent for all of you. The best part? You can camp all the way into autumn, giving your dog plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors. 
8. Play random sports with your pup 
Our energetic canines aren’t usually picky when it comes to playtime. Mix up your usual ball fetching games with footballs, basketballs, Frisbees, ropes, sticks or miniature tires. Throw them, hide them or play keep-away from your pup until you’re both delightfully played out.
9. Go swimming
Since some lakes and streams may still be too chilly for a dip, find a pup-friendly pool (kiddie pools work fine, too!) and go for a swim.
10. Take a pet-friendly vacation
Even if you can’t spend every waking minute immersed in the great outdoors, you can still use your spring break to head to a serene place where you can relax, and your dog can go nature crazy for the week.
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