Say No to Puppy Farming

Elan Mansur
Be Careful When Buying a Puppy, Please!

If you are thinking about it, or if a friend of yours mentions they are thinking of getting a puppy, tell them about "where's mom". When buying a puppy from a breeder or anyone else, if you don't get to see the puppy together with its mother (no matter what the excuses), you're buying from a puppy farm.

Just this week, I met a couple who had just gotten their new pug puppy....from a guy who brings them in from Romania.....and apparently it was smuggled into the UK illegally....something about having to lie about the puppies age so it can get its EU passport.  So aside from the normal risks associated with a puppy farm dog, this poor animal was separated from his mother way too young.

Their sensible vet informed them they need to get the best of medical insurance - whatever they saved on buying from this dodgy dealer, they need to spend that and more on their pet insurance in the first 18 months. Please share this information. We need to stop these people.

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