Navy Seal Dogs

Elan Mansur

The Dogs of the Navy SEAL 

Have you ever wondered to what level military dogs can be trained?  Think about it - police and military dogs are trained to the highest caliber, and work side by side with their handlers who are top of their game. But is that the limit?

I've always had a fascination with the armed forces. I can't say I served in the military, although that was always my intention. Before I finished school in South Africa, I had my military papers filled in and ready to be submitted.  My parents woke me up to the realities of life in the army especially in South Africa -  and not any South Africa, but Apartheid South Africa. The majority of what the army did, was protect the white minority against the internal threat of those who simply wanted their freedom.

I never had any intention of joining an apartheid government armed forces, but simply had the desire to train up and become "the best I could be". I was also probably a little blurred by the movie world, but that's a whole different story.

Belgian Malinois Navy SEAL Dog -
So getting back to the point of this soliloquy.... there is the military and the police. They have highly trained animals working with them. But within those institutions, there are the elite units, like for instance, the Navy SEALs.  So if the SEALs are the best at their game, ever wondered about the dogs who work as part of those units.
Have a read - I'm sure you'll find this very interesting.

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