Crufts 2014 - Review of Best in Show & Friends for Life

Elan Mansur
A very well deserved Congratulations to Ricky, the Standard Poodle, winner of utility dog as well as the the all coveted, 'Best in Show' title at Crufts.  Ricky's full name is Afterglow Maverick Sabre - he was named after a mildly successful  Irish-English singer songwriter.   He was sporting an enhanced version of the traditional Standard Poodle water cut, and looked fantastic.

The runner up was Dan the Man, winner of best pastoral dog. Dan the Man is a gorgeous snow white Samoyed, who seemed like a lovely contestant, handled by his lovely (and completely surprised) handler.  I wonder what it takes to bath Dan the man and keep him looking like snow?

And in no particular order, we have Brandon, the Rottweiler - the Working dog winner.

Our wire haired fox terrier, King - winner of the (self explanatory) terrior catogory.

The beautiful Irish wolfhound James. He ain't nothing but the hound dog winner :-)  James is a big boy - he pretty much trotted the arena in a few leaps.

The winner of the hearts of many at this years Crufts event, was Colin. Colin is a lovely and charismatic Pomeranian, who topped the toy dog category, and came into the finals with a "massive little" support base of fans. And watching him work the arena, you could see why.

And last, but certainly not least was the only lady in the pack. Pearl, the American cocker spaniel, winner of the gun dog category. Who could call her a bitch?

And speaking of audience hearts, this year, the winner of the Friends for Life category were Lucy and her Spaniel dog Molly.

Below is a line up of the entrants for this years Friends for Life category.

Cocker Spaniel, Molls and eleven year old Steven Courtney from Bicester, Oxfordshire
Cocker Spaniel, Molly and Lucy Watts from Benfleet, Essex
Labrador/Golden Retriever cross, Radley and Konrad Galen-Bisping, from Carmarthenshire
Labrador, Velvet and Lottie Wilcocks from Ripponden, West Yorkshire
Mastiff/Great Dane cross, Jessie and Julie Barrett from Beer, Devon
  Well done to all the contestants, and winners of their categories.

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