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TickLess was tested in 2012 by the Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Laboratory, School of Veterinary Medical Sciences, University of Camerino (ranked best Italian university by Guida Censis Repubblica 2011 and 2012), by Professor Vincenzo Cuteri. The tests involved trialling the products on groups of dogs at a dog shelter, and monitoring the changes in infestation rates of the dogs wearing the device, when compared to those not wearing the device.  An extract from the report summary is provided below:​

"The results obtained 30 days after the activation of the product show the effectiveness of TICKLESS PET in not permitting an increase in the number of ticks and fleas in all subjects studied in the experiment, and to reduce the number of parasites in some subjects. TICKLESS PET seems therefore capable of preventing parasites present in the place where the dogs were kept, from infesting the host."​

"No hearing disturbances were reported by operators during the entire experimentation phase. The results obtained by the application of TICKLESS PET  / TICKLESS ADULT  confirm the effectiveness of the product in not permitting an increase of the parasites and in reducing the number of parasite in some subjects, which can therefore be used without side effects of any kind."


The results clearly showed that the test dogs, which already had a tick / flea, TICKLESS prevented any worsening of the infestation and in some cases reduced the infestations.  They also showed that in dogs that were not infested prior to the start of the study, TICKLESS prevented any infestation.

The university's recommendation is, to firstly treat the animals with a pharmacologically active product to clear any existing infestation, and then to activate TickLess  to prevent a new infestation. ​

Tick-Less Scientific Test pack
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