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The Amazing Blog - Pet Water Bottle

On our walks and journeys in the car during the hot weather I always have the conundrum of how to transport water for Mojai – even on short our commute to The Amazing Blog offices. Although as a sophisticated ...


We like to spend our days being active. Hiking, swimming, frisbee training, jolly running, barking (thats my dogs :P), clicker training….now you now why we’ve got two aussies instead of english bulldog :P.  When we’re going on a trip, you can be sure...

City Dog Expert - Long Paws Review – Comfort Collection

The fantastic people at Long Paws recently sent us the harness and lead from their new Comfort Collection. They sent us 2 different sizes, one small and the other large. Houdini and Jaina were more than happy to try them out....

Kick Back Times - Barney’s Bark of Approval: Long Paws Pet Water Bottle

If you’re out on a long walk with your dog, you’ll know how important it is to have some water handy. Up to now, we’ve taken out a bottle of water and Barney’s bowl – all a bit cumbersome. But then we were sent this fabulous ...

Kick Back Times - MacPAWS Doggie Pack-a-Mac

Who lets a spot of wet weather spoil their walkies? Being a spaniel, Barney positively rollicks in the rain –  rolling around in the wet grass with (or without) any dog he can get to play with him. As a result he often ends up ...

Glamping with Dogs - MacPaws by Long Paws

Cookie's Review:

Well first of all it's pink , and that's always a good thing, but mum says they do make them in other colours for boring boys like my brother stan who might not like pink.  It's really comfy and lightweight so I can still ...

Haven Holidays / By the Beach - 5 BEST GADGETS FOR DOGS

Long Paws Water Bottle:

If your dog needs a quick drink while enjoying some walkies then the Long Paws Water Bottle will be perfect for you...

bentley.the.spaniel - Long Paws Comfort Collection

This week we tried out some products from @longpawspets 💚.  I love the long paws comfort harnesses as they are so easy to put on the dogs. They just have to step into them and do them up! You don't have to worry ...

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