Carries Your Dogs Used Poop Bags So You Don't Need To!



If I had to pick a favourite product, this may just be it. I have no problem picking up my dogs poop, but I really do not enjoy walking around holding the bag until I find a poop bin. That's where Poop Porter was born. 


Poop Porter is a lightweight caddy, that attaches to your leash or bag, and holds the knotted end of a used poop bag. it can easily hold two full poop bags at a time, and that include those from the big dogs. ​And surprisingly, the poop does not swing around as much as you would think - even when jogging.


It has a second hole for carrying new poop bags too. Poop Porter takes the pain out of walking around carrying your dogs used poop bag in your hand.

Poop Porter

  • Small hole for carrying new poop bags​

  • Large hole for carrying knotted used poop bag

  • Strong karabiner clip to attach to your dog leash, belt loop, or bag​

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use

  • Useful gift for dog owners


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