The Natural LV Collection by Hennessy and Sons features hand made luxury leather dog collars and leads in a natural-colored vegetable leather with a colourful plush lining and matching stitching.  The metal is surgical stainless steel and every collar includes the engraveable Hennessy & Sons name tag.  The leather collars are available with chocolate, navy, pink, and violet linings with a matching natural leather leash.
Colour: Natural
Type: Leather Leash

Natural LV Dog Leash

Sizing Guidelines​ The sizes below indicate the range of the dog collar from the smallest loop to the largest and not the exact size of the neck. A small amount of space should always be allowed between the neck size and collar size: Small: 18cm - 25cm / 7-10 inches; width 14mm Medium: 29cm - 35cm / 11.5-14 inches; width 18mm Large: 38cm - 46cm / 15-18.5 inches; width 22mm ​Leash Length 1.2m / 4 feet
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