A high strength rope dog leash with soft grip handle for active dogs and dog parents!

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Comfort Rope Leash

Colour & Length

The Comfort Rope Leash is a padded rope lead with a locking karabiner styled clip.


Once you've tried the Comfort Leash, you will agree it is the most comfortable leash you have ever used. The padded rope leash is made from an extremely strong woven rope, with a soft padded handle, and a locking karabiner-styled safety clip.


The padding makes the handle comfortable to grip, and helps prevent chafing from heavy pullers. The rope has a little "boing" (flexibility) to reduce shoulder strain and make walks more pleasurable.


The padded rope leashes are available in two lengths - 30 inches and 44 inches. The 44 inch lead has an O-ring on the handle that allows you to close the lead and throw it over your shoulder while your dog is having a run around, or to attach a poo bag holder, light, or other accessory. 

The handle of the Comfort Lead has soft neoprene padding, preventing rope burn from tugging dogs.  The rope has a small amount of spring that absorbs the initial pull shock, and makes the leads comfortable to use whether you're out walking or jogging.


Our leads are as strong as can be, and come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Matching padded and reflective collars and harnesses are also available.


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