Carries Your Dogs Used Poop Bags So You Don't Need To!

We all have those moments, just after your best friend has done the business, and you are now walking around looking for a poop bin. In your hand is a lovely bag of fresh poop .... and then you run into someone you know, and end up having a long conversation, all the while holding a used bag of dog poop in your hand.

This is where Poop Porter comes in. Simply slip the knot of the used poop bag through the big hole, and let your dog lead carry the Poop for you, until that poop bin magically appears. Poop Porter can also hold a few new poo bags, ready for that next emergency situation. 

Poop Porter is a lightweight carrier to carry your dogs' used poop bags, and also a few new poop bags, until you find a bin to dispose of them. Simply slip the knot of the used poop bag through the large hole, and the Poop Porter will keep a hold of the ..... for you. 

  • Small hole for carrying new poop bags

  • Large hole for carrying knotted used poop bag

  • Strong karabiner clip to attach to your dog leash, belt loop, or bag

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use

  • Useful gift for dog owners

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