Carry a backpack on your dog lead or collar

Introducing the ultimate accessory for rope, webbing or leather leashes. The Pick Pocket Pouch adds a pocket and poo bag dispenser to ANY dog lead or dog collar.


Forget those clunky bag dispensers that bounce while you are walking - the large Pick Pocket Pouch has a sleeve on the back that attaches to most fixed length leases.


The large lead pouch also has an elastic loop at the bottom that can easily hold the knotted end of your used poo-bag, so no need to hold onto the used bag until you find the bin. The elastic loop also allows you also attach a karabiner or safety light.


Available in black and red.


Large - £9.99 / €13.00



  •    5" (12.7cm) length x 2.375" (5.9cm) width x 1" (2.5cm) depth;

              Outer length is 6" (15.2cm) with elastic loop and secure Velcro



  •   High strength, abrasion-resistant Cordura fabric



  •   Large - One pocket with zip fastener. Pouch has a poo bag dispenser slot with velcro fasteners on the side.

How does the large pouch work?

The Large Lead Pouch has one large pocket that can be used as a bag roll dispenser (there's an exit hole that closes with Velcro on the side of the pouch). It also has an elastic loop that can be used to attach a karabiner, a safety light, or the knotted-end of a used poo pickup bag.  If you have a large dog collar GPS tracker, the large pouch will be fantastic for securely attaching the tracker to your dog's collar.


What collars and leads does the Pouch work with?

The Pick Pocket Pouches work with most standard, fixed-length (non-retractable) leashes. Simply slide the leash through the elastic on the back of the Pick Pocket Pouch. 


The Large pouch lets you attach the Velcro loop through the leash handle to hold the Pick Pocket Pouch in place.


What's the elastic loop on the Large Pick Pocket Pouch?

The elastic loop is designed to hold a used pickup bag. Simply tie a knot in the used bag and the push the knot through the loop. Some users attach small clip lights or handy karabiners to the loop.


What types of bags does the Pick Pocket Pouch work with?

The Large Pick Pocket Pouch works with most standard pickup bag rolls. To use, simply place the roll in the dispenser pouch, feed the free end of the bag roll through the slot on the side of pouch, and then zip the pocket closed. To dispense, simply pull out and tear off one bag at a time.


Can the Pouches also store and dispense plastic grocery bags?

Yes. You can stuff grocery bags in the bag roll pocket. Typically, you can store 5-10 grocery bags in the Large pouch's pocket, and 2 in the small pouch.


Do the Pouches come with pickup bags?

No. We only provide the pouch.


How would you recommend cleaning the Pick Pocket Pouch?

We recommend you hand wash your Pick Pocket Pouch in warm, soapy water, and then let it air dry.



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