A dog lead and collar for those dark winter nights

A high visibility collar and lead set. The collar is red, with yellow high viz material all the way aroud the neck. The leash is also red nylon, and has a 30cm / 12in yellow high viz strip along the clip end of the leash.


The set is ideals for walks in the dark when you want to be sure to be able to spot your dog if he/she is off the lead, and want to be sure to be seen by cards driving nearby. 


Set - £7.99



Collars: 32-45cm / 13.5 - 18 in

Lead: 115cm / 46 in

The collar is fully adjustable to fit small to medium sized dogs including: Cavalier King Charles, Pug, Cockapoo, Schnauzer, Poodles, Spaniels, Westie, Scottie, Dalmation and more.


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