Hennessy and Sons Collars and Leads
Hand Crafted, Italian Designed Dog Collars​

Hennessy & Sons was founded in the early 60's at Bonham Road in London with a small pet store focusing on high end dog accessories.  Since then, Hennessy & Sons has grown to an international reference for luxury dog collars.  With the combination of fine leather, exclusive materials, and the endless passion of manufacturing every single piece by hand, Hennessy & Sons underlines and follows strictly the traditional ethos of the founding family.

The Hennessy & Sons range of dog collars are lined with a hypo allergenic, water resistant material, and include an engrave-able steel Hennessy & Sons dog tag. The collars are available in three sizes


2% of Hennessy & Sons annual turnover will be donated to the International Animal Rescue foundation.​

International Animal Rescue specialises in comprehensive sterilisation and vaccination programmes for stray dogs in Europe, Asia & South America to control populations and prevent the spread of disease. IAR works with other like-minded organisations and government departments to develop sound legislation to protect animals from cruelty and neglect.

International Animal Rescue strives to educate the public in the compassionate and humane treatment of all animals. IAR uses sound scientic evidence to inform their decisions and determine the course of our rescue operations. In all that they do they seek to find practical solutions that benefit both animals and people.

Their scope is limited only by their resources, If they cannot assist a suffering animal by themselves, they are often able to redirect a call for help to those who can. They maintain contact with a network of groups and individuals around the globe who are as committed as they are to helping animals in distress.

International Animal Rescue became a registered charity with the UK Charities Commission in September 1989. Registered charity number is 1118277.


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