Gepolsterte reflektierend Halsbande

Ideal padded and reflective collars offering comfort and safety for active pets. 

RRP:          XS - £9.00 / €10.50

S - £ 10.00 / € 11.75

M - £ 11.00 / € 13.00

L - £ 12.00 / € 14.00

                        XL - £13.00 / € 15.25

Die Long Paws Comfort Kollection ist fur die Hunde die viel ihrer Zeit draussen verbringen.  Es ist ein ideale Halsband für aktive Hunde und Hunde die mehr Abfederung rund um den Hals wollen.

  • Gewebtes Nylonhalsband mit eine bequem Neoprenpolsterung

  • Reflexstreifen für Restlichtsicht

  • Sicherer Hochfeste Clip & eingeschweißter D-Ring

  • Schwarz; Orange; HellBlau; Rosa und Grun

Measuring for your dog for a collar:
  • Ensure your dog is standing still
  • Measure using a fabric tape measure or string

  • Measure the neck line at the base of the neck

  • If measuring collars, add one / two cm’s for your dog to be comfortable


To Fit Dogs:


             Neck Size 

XS  23-32cm /9-11.5in   1.5cm         5kg            70kg

 S   28-42cm /11-16in     1.5cm       17kg          119kg

 M  34-52cm /14-19in     2.0cm       32kg          224kg

 L   42-62cm/15.5-23in   2.5cm       41kg          250kg

XL  60-89cm/24-35in      3.5cm      42kg+         260kg

Check your dog's breed...


collar width

dogs weighing up to approx

collar strength

Note: If your dog's neck size overlaps two sizes, then unless you expect your dog to continue growing, the smaller of the two sizes is probably the better choice for your dog.

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