An anti-shock extension designed to ease the strains from pulling dogs.

RRP:          S - £11.00 / €12.50

S - £13.50 / €15.50

STRONG & ELASTICATED!  The Long Paws Bungee Extender is a unique Anti-shock Leash extension.

The new Long Paws Bungee Leash Extender is a shock absorbing leash extension that works with any dog leash. It is designed to reduce shocks from pulling dogs, and to make jogging with dogs lighter work. 

  • Extra strong and durable high grade polyester webbing

  • Bungee technology in the centre of the leash extender that reduces pressure on you and your dog, and softens any shocks from excited pups.

  • The bungee is fashioned into a grab handle so you can take control of your dog in busy traffic

  • Made with an easy to use trigger clip

  • Welded D-ring for added safety

  • The Extender works with any leash, fixed or retractable, to help reduce shocks.

  • Ideal for dogs owners who like to jog with their dogs.



  • Available in 1.5cm width (for small dogs) and 2.5 cm widths

  • Adds 20cm length to your leash.

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