Leashes, collars & harness for active pets and their owners. 


Safety Where You Need it. Comfort Where You Want It!

Just because you need to wear a collar or a harness when roaming the big outdoors, doesn't mean it should be uncomfortable. That's why you need to get dressed in the Long Paws Comfort Collection. The Comfort Collection has padded collars, and has harnesses with a padded chest-plate, so you can be comfy wherever you are. 

And for your favourite human, we padded the leash handles too, and even built a little "boing" into the rope, so if you decide to pull a little, you don't end up hurting their shoulders to much. These could be the best leashes ever made.

But most importantly the collars and harnesses are reflective, so you can be seen by cars in the dark. We've also built them strong - strong enough that even the toughest of you is not going to be able to break free.

So enjoy your Comfort gear wherever you are.

Comfort Dog Leash
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