Long, strong and adjustable for training and control.


The Long Paws Multi-Function Training Leash has been made with the active pet in mind.  The leash has been manufactured to the highest safety standards and combines quality and comfort in a new and unique package. We now offer a rope training leash and a neon reflective webbing training leash.

Rope Training Leash:

The Rope Training Leash has been made from high strength woven polyester rope, and includes lightweight, locking karabiner clips. The clips attach easily and lock shut with a slide of the latch. The rope has a small amount of spring that absorbs the initial pull shock, and makes the leads comfortable to use whether you're out walking or jogging. The leash has four O-rings/D-rings along the length of the rope. The two clips and the rings allow you to adjust the length of the lead, attach the clips to a harness and collar simultaneously, and walk two dogs at a time.

Length: 200cm / 80in

Rope thickness: 1.0cm

Clips: Lightweight locking

Strength tested to: 180kg 

​Designs: ​Grey

Webbing Training Leash:

The Webbing Training Leash is made from a high-viz neon coloured polyester, and also includes 3M reflective strips on both sides of the leash and across the full length. The neon lead includes high strength trigger clips & welded D rings and O rings.

Length: 200cm / 80in

Rope Width: 2.0cm

Clips: Lightweight trigger

Strength tested to: 180kg 

​Designs: ​Neon Yellow, Double Sided Reflective Strips

The Multi-Function Leashes:

 - have 5 length options allowing freedom to move or ensuring close control;
 - can be used over the shoulder for hands-free walking;
 - can be used as a coupler leash to walk two dogs at a time; 
 - are the perfect tether to secure your dog while you're relaxing; and

 - are fully washable.

  • Locking karabiner style clips (on the rope leash) 

  • Swivel action to avoid twisting

  • Welded high strength D-rings and O-rings 


Rope Training Leash   £ 29.00 / € 34.00

Webbing Training Leash   £ 18.00 / € 21.00

  • Clips can be closed on the collar and/or harness or attached to the leash D and O rings.

  • Length ranges from 100cm / 40in to 200cm / 80in.

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