MacPAWS, Packable Rain Coats for Dogs


Doggie Pack-a-Mac Rain Coats
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MacPAWS is our all new packable rain dog coat / rain mac. Our dogs love playing outside on the park and rolling, running in the rain and rolling in the wet grass.


That's exactly why you dog should be wearing a MacPAWS. Before your dog gets wet, cover your dog with your MacPAWS, and when he / she is finished running around, and is ready to get back into your car or into your home, remove the wet coat, and most of the dog will be dry and mud free.



MacPAWS is different to most rain coats!  It folds into a neat little pouch that you can attach to your lead and have ready to use.  MacPAWS is the ideal dog rain coat for those walks when you get caught out in the rain. It attaches easily using velcro straps under your dog's neck and belly.


And when it's dirty, simply put it in the washing machine - no fuss.



MacPAWS, Packable Rain Coats for Dogs

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The Waterproof MacPAWS rain coat which will keep your dog dry from rain and snow.
Easy to fit. You just have to throw it over your dog and put the scratch on. The dog rain coat is easy to put on on your dog and easy to remove and won't bother your dog.
Blue MacPAWS rain coat. The Ran coat which can be clipped. Separate the rain coat from the pouch.
Trow your Dog Rain coat in your washing machine when it is dirty.


£8.00-10.00 / €11.50-14.00

Shower Proof Rain Coat


When the weather looks threatening, MacPAWS will keep your dog dry for the rest of their walk. Great for  rain and snow.

Clip on Pouch

The easy carry pouch attaches to your lead. We've kept the pouch separate from the raincoat, so that it's simpler to fold up and pack away.


Velcro Fasteners


The raincoats have two velcro straps making it easy to put on and take off, and easy to adjust to your dog's size.

Machine Washable


When you're home, simply take it off your dog and throw it in the washing machine.

Measuring for your dog for a raincoat:

MacPAWS, Packable Rain Coats for Dogs
MacPAWS, Packable Rain Coats for Dogs
MacPAWS, Packable Rain Coats for Dogs

In-Store Display Unit Available

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